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Best Practices: How to Buy Technology Expense-Management Services

Network World

The acronym TEM has evolved to mean Technology Expense Management. This article from Network World describes how your business should go about buying TEM services.

"Technology expense-management (TEM) is a service that is of ever-increasing importance to enterprise buyers because it touches on virtually all aspects of the technology lifecycle.

In the past, TEM was defined as telecom expense management, and it was largely focused on managing wireline and wireless telecommunications. However, it has now emerged to encompass the ever-expanding universe of networking technologies and services spend including managed services, maintenance, hosting and cloud services. As these technologies become more complicated and expensive, many enterprise users have availed themselves of third-party TEM services to help manage some or all of these expenses."

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Original article by Theresa Knutson and Steve Rosen on November 28, 2019

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